Project Screen Shots: Max

Max Burgers

Max is Europe's oldest and Sweden's most popular chain of hamburger restaurants. They started out in 1968, five years before their competitors from the west. The expanding chain has over 100 stores in Scandinavia and Arabia with several more opening.

The Agents have been working with Max since 2000. Our responsibilities range from digital IT strategy to the global web platform with a blue-chip CMS, image bank and bespoke responsive framework with high resolution graphics support.

Side by side with Max marketing, IT and suppliers we constantly strive to develop digital experiences for marketing, sales and streamlining operations. The Agents continuously work with Max regarding:

  • Global web platform and CMS
  • Self Service in-store ordering kiosk
  • iPhone and Android applications
  • Social media
  • Online advertising
  • Digital IT strategy
  • Graphical design
Project type: Official website & services
Launched: 2000-2016
Platform/cm: Bespoke / EPiServer CMS
Project Screen Shots: Lexicon


The Lexicon group is Sweden’s largest provider of knowledge and learning services for companies. Since 1975 Lexicon has trained more than 1.2 million individuals in business, IT and communication and today the group have expanded their operations to cover more than 20 different business areas.

Lexicons responsive web platform plays an important role in acquiring online traffic and converting visitors to leads and sales as well as being the hub for marketing, communication and corporate information.

As the leader in their field and with a complex and diverse offering, Lexicon turned to The Agents for their online presence:

  • Online strategy
  • Responsive website
  • Technical platform and CMS
  • Fully integrated bespoke back office
  • E-commerce
  • Booking and discount engine
  • SEO
  • Analytics and lead generation
Project type: Official website & services
Launched: Summer 2014
Platform/cm: Bespoke / EPiServer CMS